Irish Debs Survival Guide 2017

Hey guys,

So it’s coming to the time of year where we ask that special someone to be our date for the debs. By now most of you will have that sorted but if not don’t worry! You’ll get that girl you’ve dreamed of to be your date just give her a call, better still take her for some food and ask her then. Ladies are way more negotiable when they’ve food in front of them! If all else fails bring one of the lads, chances are they won’t expect a box of chocolates or a corsage so who’s really the winner here?! 

Okay so here’s a few survival guidelines to think about before the big day. Whether you believe it or not, the debs is a huge deal for ladies, even though most of them might not admit that. Yes they’re going to be on the dance floor and having the craic, and yes they’ll be more than likely  downing shots at midnight with you while your tie magically makes its way from your shirt collar to their head. I’m not sure if it’s like a workout thing, do they use it to stop the sweat dripping into their eyes? Territorial perhaps? I’ve no idea! But honestly before all of those scenes happen you’ve got to focus on the pre-date. This is pretty important! Especially if you want to impress the girl of your dreams!! If you follow these guidelines you’ll be a Colin Firth junior. Always be a gentleman.  

So, if you haven’t already asked someone to be your date then you need to get going on this, it’s not long to go!

So first things first,

  1. The Suit

You need to make sure you look your very best! A two or three piece suit is generally the dress code for occasions such as this so I’ve picked out some of my favourite looks that are stylish & sophisticated and most importantly affordable. There’s no point in looking like Prince Harry if your date has to buy your drink! 

Look 1: Navy Travis.

•Available in Detail Menswear, Carlow.

  • Navy 3-piece suit from Benetti. The collection is Travis.
  • This is a super classic look that will make you feel like a A-List celeb. It’s a slim fit and can be altered to your preference.
  • Team it with a crisp white Remus slim fit shirt to give a sharp, clean contrast.
  • The accessories are the perfect colour for this suit. The red compliments the navy and gives elegance to the overall finish.
  • The tan brogues are by 6th Sense.

This look will seriously impress your date. What’s great is, it’s perfect for a wedding, the races or interview. Just tone it down with a tie and leave off the pocket chain & waistcoat for an interview, a tie on its own will suffice for this occasion.

Buy here:

Look 2: Grey Travis.

•Available in Detail Menswear, Carlow.

  • Slim fit grey suit with navy accessories. What I love about this is the fact that it looks like a James Bond dinner suit. All I’m missing is the Martini in my hand, and if I’m being honest the acting skills & stunts along with it! Either way at least makes me feel like 007!
  • It’s a grey 3-piece from Benetti.
  • Shirt is Remus, crisp white.
  • Accessories available in store in Detail.
  • Dark brown leather shoes are Tommy Bowe. I couldn’t believe how comfortable these were!

This is also the perfect suit for a wedding or business meeting. Change up the accessories and you’re good to go.

Look 3: Remus Navy Print

Available in Detail Menswear, Carlow.

  • This is a suit by Remus and is 100% wool. It’s something a little extra special.
  • This would be a show stopper for the debs and you would be sure to be turning heads.
  • I’ve teamed this navy print with a burnt orange knit tie & navy pocket square with a hint of orange.
  • The tan brogues are by Tommy Bowe and team up well with the tie & pocket square. 

This suit is luxury! One of my favourites! The texture and tailoring in this suit is second to none. This would look great for a debs but it would be perfect for the Galway Races or a wedding.

Look 4: V By Very Bernard Brogan Collection

Available at Littlewoods Ireland.

  • This is a slim fit check suit.
  • Team it with a crisp white shirt, tan brogues and a contrasting tie & pocket square.
  • What I love about this suit is it’s from the brand new Littlewoods collection by Bernard Brogan. It’s sharp & striking.

Buy here: Littlewoods Suit
Look 5: Navy Slim Fit 

Available at Jack & Jones Ireland.

  • This is a classic slimfit navy, 2-piece suit.
  • Team with a crisp white shirt & a maroon tie & pocket square or else go for a light pink. It’s looks very well with navy also.
  • Wear with a pair of dark tan / brown monk strap leather shoes for a clean finish.

Buy here: Jack&Jones Suit

Make sure to ask your date what colour they are wearing most girls like to match for the debs.

2. Look Sharp

Hair: Book yourself in for a hot towel shave/ beard trim & a fresh hair cut. There’s going to be a lot of pictures taken, you don’t want to look like Tarzan. Unless of course you’re bringing Jane with you! Try out The Ottoman Turkish Barbers in Carlow. They’re amazing!

Skin: Go for a skin treatment to have your skin glowing. For any occasion I always book myself in for a Guinot Hydradermie Superstar facial. It’s so relaxing, your skin feels great and looks hydrated & youthful, you’ll also feel less anxious and ready for the night. There are a range of excellent treatments to choose from in Sam McCauley’s Fairgreen, Carlow. Head into the ladies in the salon and they’ll advise you for the best one for your skin type. Have a look at my skin in the pictures above and below, the picture in the suit was taken a week after I had the Hydradermie done and it’s still glowing the picture below was the an hour after the facial! Excuse the lack of hair gel & style, they give you a mini head massage too, it’s incredible! This is your big night too, treat yourself.  

Cologne: It’s always nice to invest in a good cologne. I’m currently trying out the Bleu De Chanel and I’m really loving it. It has a woody scent and it boasts sophistication and elegance. You can also pick this up in Sam McCauley’s, Fairgreen, Carlow. Girls absolutely love when a guy smells good!
Teeth: We don’t all have the budget for the expensive celebrity veneers but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t affordable options available to brighten up your smile. Try iWhite Teeth whitening kit.  It’s only €29.99 and they’re available in Sam McCauley’s.

Buy here: iWhite Teeth Whitening

3. The Corsage

The corsage is the stunning flower that is traditionally chosen by the guy and given to the girl to wear on her wrist when he collects her for the debs. (Don’t forget this, the parents will be watching!)

Call ahead to the florist as this time of year is extremely busy with debs. Go for something that will compliment the colour of her dress and your tie.

Tip: Ask them what their favourite flower is. Be romantic and surprise her with it!

4. Pick up your date

Is always nice to collect your date from their home. It’s great to get pictures and to meet the parents!

•Don’t arrive in a dirty car!! Take the time the night before to hoover it out and give it a wash so it’s nice & clean and won’t dirty her dress when she’s getting in and out. And no, unfortunately I don’t own that car or that house!

•Bring chocolates & flowers for the Mom and a bottle of wine for the father. If you’re being extra genourous a bottle of Jameson would get you the extra brownie points you’re looking for!

•When your date enters the room, immediately compliment how stunning they look. Give her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. They’ve probably spent all day getting ready so it’s good to acknowledge that. “That dress is so beautiful on you” “You look absolutely stunning.”

•If you’re meeting the parents for the first time give a firm hand shake, there’s nothing as bad as a weak flimsy handshake, especially from a guy.  Suggest to get pictures of them with their daughter and yourself before you leave. You won’t be looking this good after the drinks so take as many as you can beforehand!

5.At the end of the night

•Thank your date for making your night the best one yet. Make sure she gets home safe and tell her you’ll see her the next day! There’s nothing as low as not making an effort after the date too!

So now, you look like Bond, you’ve got the corsage & met the parents! Now it’s up to you to dance the night away and sweep your date off her feet! Also, don’t let her buy the drink for you! Big No, No!!

Enjoy every minute!

Thanks for reading,




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