NYC | Carribbean | Vegas

I visited the States for the first time a couple of years ago. My first trip was to a friend’s wedding in the Caribbean. I stopped off in NYC for 3 days before flying down to the Virgin Islands. The wedding itself was in St.Thomas. It was absolutely beautiful; exactly what you’d imagine the Caribbean to be, but better. The beaches were class, with white sand and turquoise waters. We (the wedding party) all stayed in the Marriott Frenchman’s Reef. I would definitely recommend the resort because the food was delicious and the rooms were even better. It had a class pool with a swim-up bar, so you could swim right up for a drink! This is where I enjoyed quite a few glasses of the local rum punch. They drink rum in the Carribbean like we drink Guinness in Ireland.IMG_1232

The wedding itself took place on the beach, and was the first beach wedding I had ever attended. I’m a guy (and not an expert with weddings), but this was unbelievable. They got married as the sun went down and we all partied into the night. You had to see it to believe it.IMG_1538

The day after the wedding we all took the ferry to St. John, one of the sister Islands to St. Thomas. It took approx. 20mins and cost around $6 each way. There was really cool bars and everyone was so laid back. We all just laughed and relaxed on the beach for the night. We got the ferry back at around 1am and headed straight for the pool at the Marriott.

It was one of the best weddings I’ve ever been to and I would highly recommend St.Thomas as a holiday destination. Great thing about St. Thomas too is its also duty free! Make sure to head down to the local shops for some bargains!

Next stop..Vegas!

On my way home I headed to Las Vegas for 5 nights. I stayed in the Palazzo on the strip and the room was insane! The first day I spent walking the strip, taking in the sights and exploring the hotels. The hotels in Vegas were nothing like I had ever seen before. I started gambling at the black jack table and the free drinks started flowing.

The following day, I hired a Mustang and drove out to the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. It was $200 for the day and it was the best $200 I had spent!

The feeling of driving through the Canyon was unbelievable. It was roughly 2.5 hours from the Las Vegas strip. That being said, make sure you’re fuel tank is full because you drive through some serious desert and you don’t want to break down out there! When we arrived, I parked up at the visitors centre on the west wing and paid roughly $45 (as I didn’t opt for the skywalk). The Grand Canyon itself was breathtaking. After all, it is one of the Seven World Wonders. I would definitely go back again. img_1223

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